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Heads Up! Concussion Training
  Pirate Youth Sports follows the guidelines set...
Coaches Code of Conduct
  Every PYS coach is required to sign the PYS Coaches'...
Background Checks
  All PYS coaches are required to complete a background...
Heads Up! Concussion Training

Pirate Youth Sports follows the guidelines set by the CDC's Head's Up Concussion protocol.  


All coaches are required to take the free online course provided by the CDC to 1) understand what a concussion is and the potential consequences of a concussion; 2) be able to recognize concussion signs and sypmtoms and know how to report to them; 3)  learn the steps needed for the athlete to return to practice/games after a concussion; and 4) learn steps to prevent and prepare for concussions in order to keep all of our athletes safe each season.


Coaches:  Here is what you need to do to be compliant with the PYS Concussion Policy:


  • Complete the free CDC Heads Up Concussion training - click here
  • Save a copy of the certificate of completion to your computer
  • Complete the PYS Concussion Policy Registration - click here and upload a copy of your certificate of completion
  • Have a great season!
Coaches Code of Conduct

Every PYS coach is required to sign the PYS Coaches' Code of Conduct.  


Please click here to be taken to our code of conduct.  


The code of conduct is required to be signed annually, rest in January of each year.

Background Checks

All PYS coaches are required to complete a background check.  The background checks lasts for 2 years.  At any time, PYS can run additional background checks if any concerns or issues arise (per the PYS Coach's Code of Conduct).


The link to the background check can be found on the Registration page, or by clicking



Reporting Child Abuse link-